Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Time to stand up

In conference several general authorities stated that we're living in the time foretold by the apostle Paul. I grew up hearing that we had been saved for the last days. As teenagers we thought that was so exciting. It is exciting but it's also demanding. The time has come to do the hard stuff.
We hold to the iron rod and hear the shouts from the great and spacious building saying we're fools and hateful - it goes on and on. It's hard not to take it personally. Truth is truth no matter how many people disagree.
Marriage is ordained of God. He directed that it be between a man and a woman. Who am I to offend God? Man may be offended but I don't take my strength from the arm of the flesh. My comfort and hope come from the Savior and I stand with Him and the Father. Thankfully I don't stand alone - there are millions of us from all religions, cultures and backgrounds.
We stand for the plan of happiness. We stand for families. We stand against violence and hate. We stand for truth. Don't be afraid to stand with us.


Bonnie said...

Lanette, wonderful blog post and insights. This is all getting very interesting. Have you seen the website

I used the same pic you have here on my sidebar and made it into a linking button. Remember the woman I told you about in my networking group for work? You should see the letter she sent out to the group. Onmyheck!

Connie said...

I love having you for my friend, Lanette. It is wonderful to have such a strong and inspirational person to stand shoulder to shoulder with on these important issues. I'm so glad we're on the same team-- I will stand by you any day!

Janelle said...

You know that song Let's Get Physical by Olivia Newton John? Well in my brain its been playing, but instead it's "Let's Get Political, Political.." and I just can't get it out.

Oh and Prop 8 is making me fat. But I haven't eaten any Halloween Candy yet. What time are your Tuesday meetings in Concord, my husband will never be home consistent enough for a night meeting.

Lanette said...

Way to go Janelle on the NHCC (No Halloween Candy Club) - I was just thinking about you the other day and where I went wrong...WW style...My Tuesday morning is at 9:30 - weigh in at 9:00 at citrus center Walnut Creek. I also just picked up Thursdays at 8:30, 10:15 and 12:00 at the Concord Center if that works better for you. See you at the scale!

By the way - my husband loves Olivia Newton John...