Friday, October 3, 2008

My Life as a Hopkins 1 0f 10

Johnny's was given a creative writing project in his English class. Here are the instructions for the paper. "The purpose of the project is to create your own book which will help you remember what you know, as well as show others who you are."
I love what Johnny wrote and want it as part of the permanent record. The sweetest thing about this project is that Matt sat at the computer and helped Johnny with the typing - because part of being a Hopkins seems to be procrastinating....we're determined to change that!

Here's the first installment of 10 of the project:

My Name

To me my name means happiness. My dad says the doctor that helped with my birth went to Johns Hopkins University so that seemed like an appropriate name. My mom, on the other hand, says I was named after my great grandfather. His name was John Ray Foster.

My name is Jonathan Ray Hopkins. But most people call me John or Johnny. I was born on August 6 in Walnut Creek. I have four brothers and no sisters. Sometimes I wish my name were different but then I remember what it means. In Hebrew it means “God has given” to me that means a lot.
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That is beautiful!