Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Time passes

How does time pass so quickly? Nothing really exciting is going on - just regular life. I'm amazed at the bloggers who write almost daily and are so creative and funny. They take the most normal happenings and turn them into big time fun. We all have our talents and I don't think that's one of mine but I'm giving it my best shot. Maybe someday a great-great grandchild will stumble across this and find it mildly interesting. Doesn't it slow things down a bit to have a record of the days? That's why blogs are so fabulous!

I know pictures are important for an interesting blog. Videos are even better - we took a video of Dave and Johnny doing a "skit" at the ward party but I have no idea how to "upload" it so until I figure that out here are a few random photos to spice up this entry.

This is us at the A's game - I took many pictures, all of which have Steven drinking from his giant A's cup - he thought that was so funny and well, it kind of is - that's just Steven - he's funny. Hey Steven you should start a blog!!
Here's is what remains of our beautiful 500 year old Oak Tree - it was a most beautiful tree and I love it but two of it's gigantic limbs have fallen and we're just waiting for this last one to fall. Seriously I just don't have the heart to have it removed - I'm going to cry my eyes out when that day comes. My fear that it will fall on a person moves me to have it removed - then I'll write a whole blog - Ode to an Oak.
This is actually an ancestor of ours. Proof positive that we're related to the three stooges. Sorry great, great, great, grandfather - I wish I knew more about your life - too bad you didn't have a blog to record how time passes.
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Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's day

Johnny outdid himself with breakfast in bed this year for mothers day. He's an artist and he definately gets the healthy thing! What a great way to start the day!
Other mother's day treats - a call from my BYUI boys, flowers from my honey (and a bike), a great star wars card with music, a delicious dinner by Liz and Jim who also spoiled me with a heart necklace, a bell for my bike and a Jimmy designed shirt from bands of the bay and a sweet card from Dougy - Joy supreme....I really am enjoying the passage of time!!
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Saturday, May 10, 2008

Happy Mom's Day!

On Mother's day my thoughts go to the wonderful mothers in my life. My mother's mother, Grandma Foster. My dearest little girl memory of her is walking hand in hand to the little corner grocery store where she bought me a lovely ring with a beautiful jewel in it. She let me choose it from the assortment tucked into slits in the green foam.

I miss you grandma...
My own mother was an amazing woman. My sweetest childhood memories are of coloring with her and sitting by her on the couch watching her sew barbie doll clothes by hand. My funnest memory is her telling me to be careful as I crossed the street...when I was 40 years old. A mother never stops worrying about her babies.

This Mother's Day my mind also goes forward to the future mothers of my future grandchildren.
I can't express how thankful I am for this beautiful young woman who loves my Jimmy. She is a joy! She will be a fabulous mother.
In a few months Cate will join the family officially though it already feels like she belongs to us.

What have I learned from these four fabulous women? That the little things make all the difference. Earth life is short, but long enough to make a million little moments full of love. We belong to each other and I am blessed above measure. Happy Mother's day.
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Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Something or someone has eaten the tops of all of our beautiful tomato plants!!

Do you have any idea what might be destoying my dream of warm, ripe tomatoes picked at the peak of freshness??
I want to poison it, wipe it out, get rid of it....before it heads for my beautiful grape vines....
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Saturday, May 3, 2008

Family Boot Camp

I talked the gang into a family boot camp - they're such good sports so off we went to the park
Single leg bridge - Mac prefers push-ups!
Here we are with push-ups - There are all kinds of torture devices at the park!
The happy crew - sweaty and pink faced but fit and bonded by pain.
I love you kids! Thanks for playing with me-let's do it again real soon....
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Fix-it girl

So a few weeks ago I blogged about everything being broken. We could add the oven to that list. It would cook for about 15 minutes and then turn off and beep. Years ago I adopted the philosophy that if I was going to call a repair guy and pay him to tear apart my appliance I might as well tear it apart myself and see what I could do. I've fixed a dryer, garbage disposal, and even some car repairs.
Actually this is the second time I've replaced the sensor in this oven - as you can see from the picture the wires were fried - probably due to the self-cleaning feature which we won't be using anymore. I just disconnected the sensor - immediately recognized the problem - took the part to the appliance parts store where the friendly owner sold me the replacement part and gave me advice on hooking it up. VOILA! The oven lives!! So girls don't be shy about trying some simple home repairs but be sure to turn off the breaker or you'll be electrocuted and that never turns out well...

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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Stranger Danger

So I arranged to meet my brother to go to a memorial service in Fairfield. We would meet in the parking lot of "Bev Mo" so I could leave my car and drive with him. Thank goodness for cell phones - no big deal - I arrived, parked and called to see where he was. As I walked through the parking lot looking for his red car I realized I had walked right past him. I see the red car with Larry behind the wheel...when I opened the passenger door - surprise! It wasn't Larry but some lounge lizardy guy who seemed very pleased that I had come to join him. I was so shocked I said, "You're not my brother!" He replied while moving the papers out of the passenger seat - "No, but come on in!" YIKES!! Luckily Larry walked up just then and we all had a good laugh. Make new friends.....