Sunday, September 27, 2009

I did it!

A couple of months ago a friend invited me to join her and another friend at the See Jane Tri. It's a 4oo yard swim, 11 mile bike ride and 3 mile run. I've never wanted to do a triathlon because I'm not a good swimmer but I'm easily persuaded so I signed up and paid my money. I started training by swimming a couple of days a week. Yesterday I completed the tri!!! It was exhilerating to do something I didn't think I could. I was by no means toward the front of the pack (said pack was the over 50, under 18 and handicapped group). A few times I found myself swimming way off course but I loved it! This definately won't be my last triathlon - at least a yearly tradition for sure. The funnest part was being there with friends, excited at the start, encouraging along the way and overjoyed at the end. Plus Dave got up early on his day off and came with me, helped me and carried my stuff around - I was delighted to hear him cheering me on - What a wonderful husband!
You get a little hint of my new haircut.

Holly and JD are growing - check out Jim and Liz's blog ( to see their beautiful faces.
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Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Daybor Awaffle Womellete extraveganza

Jim and Liz always put on a great celebration of this holiday.
Lot's of fancy flipping and topping and eating...
This was the 3rd annual (I think...)
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first day of school 2009

The first day of school has always been exciting. It seems like yesterday I had 5 boys to get ready for that thrilling day.
Now it's just Johnny who needs new shoes, clothes etc. Hard to believe he's a Sophomore!
The neighbors start high school this year so it's carpool time!!
Sooner than I care to think about, Johnny will be driving himself to school and won't need me anymore...
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