Sunday, October 19, 2008

Life as a Hopkins 8 of 10 by Johnny

My Brothers
I have four older brothers. My brothers can be my best friends, or my worst enemies. Sometimes I want to punch them in the face, and sometimes I want to give them huge hugs. They make me food when mom and dad aren’t around, then they slap me in the back of my head and call me dipwad. Its always fun to watch movies with them, because they make fun of the movies and make me laugh. Its not always fun when we wrestle, if you’ve ever tried to wrestle with someone five years older and 100 lbs heavier, its not very fun. Its like wrestling a grizzly bear who thinks you’re a salmon.
Through the good and bad we’ll always be best friends.
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Bonnie said...

There is no other word but adorable for this picture and post! Love them!

Kim said...

What a precious picture and fun memory!! Johnny has a good outlook on his brothers and has adapted well to his lot in life of being the youngest brother to 4 older ones. It is good that he does see how wonderful they can be, or not! I laughed as I read this knowing that this is how Shane feels with Brendon. Tell Johnny thanks for sharing such a sweet moment with all of us.

Love you all

Connie said...

This is just the sweetest picture! What a beautiful (ahem--HANDSOME) family you have, Lanette. It has been so fun to follow the blog along and get an extra little peek inside. :) Love you!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Gatchell Crew said...

WOWZERS!!! What a bunch of good looking dudes!! I love this picture Lanette, so great! I also love Johnny's words he is so sweet. I just want to squeeze his cheeks!! :):) Being the youngest of all those boys means he is one well adjusted little man!