Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Uncle Johnny

When I was young I had Aunts and Uncles who were teenagers. They were so much fun. Holly and JD have Uncle Johnny. He is such a great uncle. When Holly and JD see him they squeal with delight.
He's patient and kind with them and is willing to play with them and keep them safe.
Johnny has a lot of fun too. Since he's the youngest he never had babies around until now.
It's a wonderful thing to be an Uncle and to have babies that love you.
There will be many fun times in the coming years and someday Holly and JD will write letters to Uncle Johnny when he's on a mission. Family is the best!
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Monday, June 28, 2010


JD you are such a wonderful little boy. You are so smart and kind.
You probably won't like these pictures of you in your sun hat - you are all boy. Your best quality is that you are so kind. You defer to Holly - if you have a toy and she grabs it you just move on to something else. You love to play on the keyboard and pushing buttons is your favorite thing. You figured out how to make the jack in the box open by pulling the little latch - so brilliant!
You've been taking a few steps for awhile and look so cute toddling around. You are always exploring, finding new things. You love cheese puffs and strawberries. I love it when you throw a ball to me. It's going to be fun watching you play ball when you get a little older.
You have such a tender heart. If you hear a baby cry you get upset and cry in sympathy. When you're upset your binky makes it all better.
My favorite thing is rocking with you on the front porch. Life with you is so much fun JD.
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To Holly

Sweet Holly you are such a character! You know where your "button" is and your nose and head and hair. You learn new things every day.
You make the cutest faces - one of my favorites is when you raise your eyebrows and smile. Cracks us up every time. You also wiggle your shoulders when we sing "all the single ladies" and you raise your hands when we sing "now put your hands up". We think you're brilliant!
You love JD and your mommy and daddy. You suck your thumb and pull our hair when you're tired - just like your daddy did when he was your age. You also love your pink blanket.
Life is so exciting for you. You love to swing and bounce and you'll take a few steps if we insist. You're such a fast crawler that walking is boring. Climbing the stairs is your newest accomplishment. When you reach for me I think my heart might just melt.
Life is so exciting with you in it - can't wait to see you grow!
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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Blog guilt...

I love blogs - I check my reader every day and am so happy when I see that a friend has made an entry. In my blog beginnings I was determined to write daily. It hasn't happened. Do I chalk this up as another failed attempt at a project?

I have learned something in my work with people trying to lose weight. As long as you keep trying and never give up you'll be happy with the result. In the short term we're all annoyed that we can't be perfect in achieving our goals, but if we keep working at what we really want, we find that our best is good enough. It will inevitably take us longer than we expected but the journey is where the fun is found.

So when I can, I will blog. When I look back I know I'll be happy that I stayed with it - even if it isn't every day or even every month. Whatever I can do will be valuable in a future day. My vow is to spend less time feeling guilty and more time doing my best.

p.s. there will always be pictures of grandbabies for your viewing pleasure!!
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