Monday, October 27, 2008

Before missions family pictures

When Jim was called on his mission to Chile I decided it would be fun to take a family picture when each boy left on a mission. We stand in the same place in front of the house. Here's the way we were before Jimmy left.
Next is the family before Doug left for Argentina
Here we are before Matthew served in the Philippines. Doug was away at college for this shot.
Here's yesterday's picture. It's so fun to see how everyone has changed. We need to photoshop Doug and Cate in this one. They're in Rexburg, we missed you Doug and Cate.
I look forward to the family picture before Johnny leaves five years from now.
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SHopkins said...

What a cute and fun idea! I love seeing how everyone has changed too.

Lanette said...

Steph I love that you comment on my blog!! I wish everyone would...

Ralphie said...

Lanette - I love those pictures! Time passes so quickly, it's great that you captured those moments.