Thursday, July 30, 2009

Views from Angel Island

The golden gate bridge shrouded in fog, as it usually is. This would be a great place to take pictures on a clear day.
The city by the bay - we live in a beautiful place...
Here's Belvadere...These homes run in the millions. Amazing architecture!
This is Ayala Cove at Angel Island. A fun getaway.
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Angel Island

This summer we've planned some outings so these boys wouldn't be bored or spend their time playing video games. It was my turn so we went to Angel Island. We took the ferry from Tiburon.
They tried to drive me crazy by going to the edge of the island....I'm good at imagining boys falling off cliffs...
There was lots of walking - not sure this was the boys favorite outing but now they can say they've been to Angel Island.
They've grown up together...a little nutty but fun.
I recommend a trip to Angel Island if you like to walk and see beautiful views.
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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Growing up Hopkins 10 weeks

Here (again) are the most beautiful babies! Liz didn't really want me to take a picture of her without makeup but I think she looks great.
The smiles are so fun!
Juggling babies is challenging - they both love sitting in the crook of mom or dads knee.
Double chins never looked better!
Holly and JD if you read this someday you'll know how much we all adore you - what a blessing you are!
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Monday, July 27, 2009


While we were in Idaho we had quick visits with family. This is Aunt Virginia (my dads sister) and Uncle Elvin. They are amazing! They served a mission in England and worked in the temple after raising a family. Uncle Elvin has some dimentia now - he can't leave the house much because he always wants to dance with any females he meets. Aunt Virginia cares for him and quilts like her mother before her. What a treat to see them again!
This is Aunt Delores, my mothers older sister. When she hugs me it's like my grandma and mom are here again...
This is Uncle Johnny, mom's younger brother - such a great man with a wonderful family.
Moms gravesite. My brother and his family joined us to remember...
It was a quick trip to Idaho, filled to the brim with family - perfect!
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Johnny Jumping

It seems everyone in Idaho has a trampoline. There's one on the farm so Johnny spent some time jumping.

Now that's some big fun!
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The prettier parts

The farm is not all about rusting farm equipment - here are some pretty parts.

Going back to Idaho always takes me back to my childhood. Houses are filling up the fields - time marches on, but to me Idaho will always be about soft dirt between my toes and family.
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Where tractors go to die...

My dad loves tractors - John Deere tractors to be specific.
He can't possibly part with any of them ...
so they sit in the field decomposing.
There are other contraptions there in the brother assures me they are of great worth. If you like metal and rust you'd be happy as a clam on the farm.
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Cate graduates!

We're so proud of Cate - her hard work paid off!!
Johnny planned for just the right moment to celebrate with silly string!
All Doug and Cates earthly belongings packed for the journey.
BYUI is where they met and started their life together - they won't miss the snow...
Their first home - on to the next adventure!
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Monday, July 20, 2009

Growing up Hopkins week 9

Let the giggling begin! Honestly these babies have won my heart. I missed them so much when I was away.
They are simply chubtastic!!
Gazing at Daddy begging him to get them out of the picture posing routine.
Just the beginning of these babies adoring their mommy and trying to be just like her - lucky babies!!
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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Celebration of Thindependence

On July 11th we had the Celebration of Thindependence 5K Walk/Run. I invited all my Weight Watcher members to train in preparation to complete a 5K. Over 60 people participated - all completing the course. Here are some pictures. Next year we'll take a group shot.

It was a great accomplishment and a fun morning!
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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Growing up Hopkins Week 8

Life with twins - exhausting!
Mac has learned to chill.
Holly is a little disgusted with J.D.'s constant spitting up!
This is a little blurry (thanks to my beginner photo skills) but it is so cute - I couldn't resist.
I'm off to girl's camp and I'm not sure I can survive a week without seeing these adorable faces!!
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