Sunday, March 27, 2011

Here's the deal

I just love blogs. Here's the deal though - it seems that everyones life is so together, fun and well together.... Even when things aren't going that well they still seem more together than me. There's regret when reading about young moms doing wonderful things with their children that I never did - too late now! There are beautiful homes that I long for when I can't seem to get my bum off the couch to put dishes in the dishwasher... There are cute quilts and crafts and projects that resemble the half done stash I've been meaning to complete for years.... How about the really busy people who still manage to post regularly and consequently have a lovely personal history... Oh wait that reminds me - genealogy.... I know, I know, you're saying, "Lanette - you have a lovely life" and its true. Is the discontent a tool of the adversary or a gift of the spirit? I guess it's how you use it. I'm choosing a gift to move me from wasting precious life moments toward filling my days with what really matters. May future posts hold pictures of lovely family vacations, finished projects and dare I say a "together", home!!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Really November was the last post?

Time passes....

I never want to forget the little fingers full of mac and cheese that belonged to Holly and JD tonight at Panera. How JD did cheesy finger painting on Liz's grey sweater. How she said, "I guess I'll be washing this." She gets it! Babies find joy in the messy life - enjoy it with them!

I want to remember the way they say Poppy (that's Dave).

Life is joy and joy and joy - right in front of me every day.

An absolutely beautiful sky this morning with crisp air to breathe in on my early run. Though I'd love to stay in my cozy bed, so happy that I've chosen to run instead.

Every day is a gift - I'm going to open every moment fully aware.