Monday, October 20, 2008

Expecting week by week #7

Jim and Liz say the pictures are not so great from the last few weeks. So Jim attempted to make this one even more gross by grinning with a mouthful of french bread. The smiles are genuine!! Liz is glowing!
I must be equal with these babies starting now! It's so easy to find cute girl things... But I have promised I will switch back and forth so JD doesn't feel left out, which he won't because I love boys, I know how to do boys. It's just that I need some practice with the girl thing - in the love department it's overflowing for everyone!
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Bonnie said...

You are going to be broke before they get here! Amazing stuff!

Liz said...

The pictures were taken fine but I was making some weird faces! Thanks Momsy, the outfit is adorable. I just want these babies to be here! I suppose I should wait though, gives me time to prepare!!