Monday, October 20, 2008

Life as a Hopkins 9 of 10 by Johnny

The first time I ever fainted was in Mr. Schneider’s fourth grade class. We were watching a movie from the Champs program. Champs is an anti-drug program for fourth graders. They showed a lot of disgusting stuff. Things like black lungs and people smoking. While we were watching a movie about smoking, one of the things they showed was a person who had to have throat surgery. He had to have oxygen all the time, and that’s when it hit me, The ground that is. I was out cold, until one of my friends who sat next to me woke me up. We didn’t tell the teacher.

(mom here - Johnny will not be choosing medicine as his profession - he has passed out a few times when just hearing about medical procedures.)


Kim said...

I am so glad Johnny wrote about his fainting considering I was one of the fortunate ones to witness ones of his fainting spells while discussing a procedure with my doctor. I will testify that Johnny is right and that a profession within the medical field should be avoided. But whatever else he does choose he will be AWESOME!!!

Mark and Kiss said...

Dear Sister Hopkins! I loved getting caught up with your family happenings! I had to laugh about this post, too funny, I feel sorry for his wife when she is having the baby all alone because he is out cold on the floor....ha ha ha.

You are an amazing person whose influence has stayed with me since my young woman days! I love you!!!

Hop over to my blog when you get a chance.

Mark and Kiss said...

oh, by the way....wish you could be my personal're awesome!

Connie said...

"...And that's when it hit me. The ground that is..."

Priceless!!!!!!!!!! He's a true Hopkins with that hysterical sense of humor.

Love it!!!! :)