Saturday, October 4, 2008

My Life as a Hopkins Part 2 of 10

The second installment - below are a few of the guys from the neighborhood

My Neighborhood

My neighborhood is not a usual neighborhood. It is on a private drive
on Cowell Road. My driveway is on a gravel road. I have many memories
on that road. One is when I was around 10, and I was playing football with
some friends. I reached forward and fell on my face and I did not feel very
good after that. My house is usually quiet because all of my brothers
are either at work or away from home. Two of my brothers are married the
other two are getting ready for another college year. Soon I will be able to
go to college like them.
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Bonnie said...

These are really fun, Lanette. See you all Monday? We will be hone Sunday night.

Lanette said...

So glad you're coming back!! We've missed you.