Wednesday, March 26, 2008

My Favorite Run

Thanks for the ideas about blogging - I love comments - I think everyone does. The best are from people I don't know are visiting - it makes me happy to hear from you so don't hesitate!

So I've decided to blog before I go to google reader and to use pictures to start the inspiration. These are pictures of my favorite run. It's so beautiful this time of year. There are some great hills and easy flats. I don't run this trail alone so come join me some time!
Here's where it starts - Dave and I walk the trail on Sunday mornings - it's a great way to start the Sabbath
You can run/walk on the trail or head up to the dirt trail for some hills - you do have to watch out for gopher holes (I pretend there are no snakes...) There's a coyote that lives up here, once in awhile he shows up and keeps an eye on the humans.
I'm so happy to live in a place where they've preserved open space - right now green is my favorite color!
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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Blog time

I have a question for my blog friends - How do you make time to blog? I have so much fun catching up on all the fabulous blogs I have found (thanks to Google Reader it's easy) that I forget to post on my own blog... I keep adding new blogs to my reader list - I fear soon I will have millions of posts to check. Since I want my blog to be a family record I believe I do need to post occasionally. Give me your wisdom oh blog babes!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Doug and Cate

Here are the pictures I promised of the newley engaged sweethearts and the beautiful ring - they're so happy and looking forward to their happy future together.
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Friday, March 7, 2008

Life can be hard - don't be bitter

This is my great grandmother and grandfather. Their love story is like a fairy tale. My Grandmother left a beautiful life history telling her "little ones" as she calls us, all about her life. Grandma was 5 feet tall and grandpa was over 6 ft. Aren't they a beautiful couple?
Life was wonderful.

Grandma had a couple of little children and was pregnant with my grandmother when she got the news that grandpa, who had been working in a copper mine, had been killed in an accident. My heart breaks when I read the story. Grandma shares that in her deep sorrow her father gave her this advice, "Abby, you can choose to be bitter or you can go on in faith. Don't be bitter."

(Grandma Gooch with her son)
Fast forward 50+ years and you find me knowing and loving my Grandma Gooch (she outlived 3 husbands, the last was Grandpa Gooch). I don't think I ever saw my great-grandmother without a smile on her face. She was the most lovely woman - so full of faith, even though her life was so hard. In her history she tells of losing a baby, having financial setbacks on top of being alone with a little family for many years. As a teenager I didn't know her story and would never have guessed that she had lived through such trials. She trusted the Lord all the days of her life.

Even in the nursing home where she lived out her last days she was always upbeat and positive. Though her memory was gone she was happy.

Now to the present - Our family has had a rough week - watching my children wanting children so much and having to wait for that blessing is very difficult. I've always felt that Great Grandma Gooch is my guardian angel and I can feel her encouraging me to press forward with faith. Her testimony reaches down through the ages to bless my life. May I follow Grandma Gooches example. May my children, grandchildren and great grandchildren know me as one who loves life and has faith that God lives and loves us.

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Monday, March 3, 2008

Did you think to pray?

When I was a little girl my dad gave me a camera. What a treasure! I was going to take it to the Daddy-daughter event but couldn't find it anywhere. I looked and looked and was completely distraught when my mom reminded me to say a prayer and ask for help finding the camera. After the prayer I had the thought to look behind the dresser. I almost disregarded the thought because my mom and I had already looked. I decided to check one more time and there it was. What a testimony builder for a little girl.

Fast forward about 40 years and we have the same girl looking for her camera this very morning. I'd looked everywhere and wracked my brain about where I could have possibly left it. Dave was very helpful and asked, "Where's the last place you put it"? Gee I hadn't thought of that.... I looked in all purses, in the cars, under, over and through and no camera. Just when I decided that I was going to have to buy a replacement. I remembered the prayer of that little girl. I thought I'd give it a try though I reasoned it was my fault that I hadn't been careful with the camera and it was really not that big of a deal. But I bowed my head and asked for help. As soon as I opened my eyes the thought came, look behind the chair - there it was. "Heavenly Father you are so kind!"

I am reminded again of His constant care. He is mindful of us and waits for us to ask. I think I hesitate because I don't want to test my faith. What if He didn't answer my prayer? But one way or another He always has. "All things work together for good to those who love the Lord." It's really that simple - Love the Lord and trust that He will care for us.

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