Saturday, August 30, 2008

Johnny in high school

Here's Johnny on his first morning of high school. He's eating an eggy sandwich (a Hopkins staple - scrambled eggs with cheese between buttered toast). He should not be eating in front of the TV... Seriously does he look like a Freshman?
I drove Johnny to Concord High on Tuesday. I realized I was anxious for him because the other boys (except Jim - the oldest who I didn't worry much about because I had 4 other kids to occupy my time) had a brother at school to watch out for them. Johnny was going in alone. As I stopped to let him out I said my usual, "Have a great day!" Johnny asked, "Do I have to?" I wanted to say, "No you don't have to, let's go home and I'll make some cookies and we can watch movies and read books and you"ll never have to leave..." But I didn't - I just smiled as he opened the car door and started his high school career.

I wanted to park the car and follow him, peering into the window of his class like a wide eyed kindergarten mom to make sure he would be OK, but I didn't. I found myself weeping as I drove away - worried about Johnny and sad that my mom duties, as I've known them for the last 29 years, are swiftly coming to a close.

The first day went well and before I blink we'll be at his graduation. I'm going to soak in the moments until then.
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Dave has recently been determined to get pictures of me sleeping. Seriously these are not flattering photos! I'm brave to put these out in blogland aren't I? I'm hoping to make Dave put down the camera!
Here's a lovely picture of my nose...obviously I was reading a magazine before drifting off - I always pull out those annoying ads - why is it behind my head??? The turkey neck is also very lovely.
Here's a before shot of the droopy eyelids - insurance won't pay for an eye lift until I can't see because of the saggy skin...
I do love this skirt and red is my color - but really does anyone look good when they sleep??
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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Happy Day!!

The wedding day began in a most glorious way! Dave and I bought this 1970 mustang from Daves Aunt Gladys when we were first married. It was a fun car but it died over 20 years ago. Since it died Dave has planned to fix it up. We towed it to the driveway when we built our new home (almost 20 years ago). The tires deflated - the kids played on it, dented the top and broke the back window. The final straw was when the tree fell on it... Dave said the Lord had chosen which car should go - never say prayers are not answered...
Finally Dave came to peace with giving up the old dream of fixing the Mustang - he doesn't have time. I told him his only wedding job was to have the car (and the dead toyota truck) out of the driveway before the wedding. I never really believed it would happen....but a guy came to the door one day last week asking if we wanted to get rid of the truck! Seriously - he took it away! Then when leaving for the wedding Jared came to take away the mustang!!! I did a happy dance right then and there - dreams do come true. I know this was a sacrifice for Dave but the joy of a clean driveway and only working cars parked there makes me so happy!!!
Come on over and see -- I really think the Hopkins are turning a corner -- a clean and tidy corner!
Isn't it a lovely sight? You can park in the driveway when you come to visit! Won't that be fun? Thanks Davey - you're the best - I appreciate your sacrifice.
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Thursday, August 21, 2008

A wonderful Day

Yesterday August 20th was a wonderful day. Steven and Cate received their endowment in the Oakland Temple
We had four boys and 2 girls all in the temple together! It was almost more than I could take in! I will store the memory away as a treasure.

I have some issues with my new camera...A blurry picture of my favorite people (plus Johnny...5 years and he'll be there).
Then of course Fentons! A perfect day! Stay tuned for part 2 of a most wonderful time - tomorrow - the wedding!
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Saturday, August 16, 2008


I assume we knew that living in the last days would not be easy - the rubber is now meeting the road! This morning Dave and I went out to knock on doors and talk about Prop. 8. For those of you not living in CA you may not know how we are fighting. Prop 8 makes an ammendment to the constitution of CA defining marriage as being between a man and a woman.
The covenants we make are serious - money, time and talents are all being put to good use here in California. This is not easy - we had some interesting discussions this morning, I'm sure it won't be the last time we're called mean and probably something worse... I really appreciate my boys missionary service. We were only out for an hour ~ It was a delight to walk back into the safety and peace of our home.
Who's on the Lords side who? It really comes down to this - happiness in this life is most likely to be found within the bounds the Lord has set. We believe God has ordained the family as the basic unit for time and eternity. That a man and a woman should covenant with each other and with the Lord and raise a family up to obey the commandments. This is not a popular opinion - surprised?? I welcome the opportunity to be persecuted for the Lord's sake. But I would be crazy if I said I enjoyed it!
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Friday, August 15, 2008

Happy Boy!!

He opened the call and Steven is going to be serving in
Billings Montana
He's very excited and has already asked that packages be sent regularly. This mother's heart is happy that he'll be among good people - I'm sure he'll work hard and be kind of cold in the winter. He reports to the MTC on November 5th. Great times!!!
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The envelope please!

The envelope arrived in the mail today!!! The opening will happen at 6:00 p.m.
Steven has invited the world so if you're in the neighborhood come on over!!
Where oh where will he go?? It could be anywhere in the world - the only place he's strictly against is the Rexburg Idaho mission.... Stay tuned - next blog the mystery will be solved.
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knowledge is power

For all my google reader friends... Last night I showed a few friends how to create a post for their blogs from picasa. I created a goofy post with a dress I ordered online for the wedding - my worst pictures ever!!! They, of course were concerned that the pictures would appear on my blog - "no problem" I said, "I'll just delete the post". Well this morning I discovered to my horror that the post appears on google reader.... This is the time when I'm happy that only 15 people have me on their list....please be kind and don't blackmail me....

Monday, August 11, 2008

The joy of sons!

Yesterday was a wonderful day. Johnny was ordained a teacher. Dave ordained him with all the boys in the circle. It was a dream come true. Johnny bore a sweet and simple testimony and almost held back the signature Hopkins tears.

Then Steven was ordained an Elder! Another tender moment when 3 of his brothers stood in the circle as Dave ordained him. Steven bore testimony about his excitement to serve a mission following the good example of his brothers. Honestly for me the day was like heaven with angels singing and light shining all around. My two girls, Liz and Cate were there too. I'd like to bottle up that joy and take it out when I'm down - reviewing this blog will be almost like doing that.

Now the waiting begins....where will Steven go on his mission....I had a dream that he went to Ohio or was it Minnesota?? I can't really remember, wherever he goes it will be just the right place for him. Stay tuned - we should know by Wednesday or Thursday.
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Friday, August 8, 2008

5 boys + pizza + slip and slide = fun

I survived the party - here's the gang
Liz made the darling cupcakes - Johnny pretended to blow out the candles because I can never find the lighter...
The lawn didn't do so well but the boys had fun - please disregard the dead plants....
There they are with the birthday boy full, wet and happy.
I'm so glad that at 14 he's still enjoying being a kid!
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Thursday, August 7, 2008

Johnny 14???

How did this happen? My baby is 14!! He'll be going to seminary and high school in a few weeks. My mind refuses to believe it.
Today....the friend party....if I survive I'll post pictures.
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Monday, August 4, 2008

Potato Peels and Plumbing

Steven was so helpful yesterday. He and Matt attend the singles ward and get home a couple of hours before we do - perfect! they can get dinner started so we can eat right when we get home (it was fast Sunday...) Steven peeled the potatoes and put the peels through the garbage disposal. Really bad idea! He forgot that potato peels make a plug in the plumbing. Daves dad told many a tale of having to climb under the house to unclog the plumbing on Christmas morning after potato pancakes. Steven forgot all that. This means a sinkful of sludge, so this morning I undertook the job of cleaning out the plumbing.
The little water jug is our best plumbing device - it has held the pipes in place to keep leakage to a minimum for several years now since the last potato peel incident. It makes cleaning out the pipes pretty easy - just remove the jug and the pipes fall apart!
Above are the contents of the under sink storage area. It's a big area...a good time for me to clean out all the half used jugs of odo-ban, steam carpet cleaner and pots I'll never use again. Notice my cute pink polka dot rubber gloves (to the left) - they made the job a little more bearable. I'm going to Ace to get new piping that will actually stay together and not leak. I believe the word is out - no peeling potatoes in the sink.
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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Rock Band

Johnny 's birthday is this Wednesday. When we were at Target last Thursday getting supplies for his birthday party he mentioned that Brother Oleole told him about the video game Rock Band being on sale. We wandered over to the electronics dept. and there was only one left and it was on sale. Johnny is the youngest and his brothers claim he's spoiled. Not wanting to make liars of my own children I had to purchase Rock Band as a birthday present. It was partially selfish because I had no idea what to buy him and if I had planned to come back later and buy it secretly it might have been sold out plus I would have had to wrap it - it was a big box and I don't enjoy wrapping.

I told Johnny I would buy it for his birthday but he couldn't play with it or tell anyone about it until his birthday. We put the box in the garage and he promised he wouldn't say a word and was so excited, it nearly killed him to stay quiet. Friday night Liz and Jim were over and Liz and Steven were talking about guitar hero. Johnny had borrowed Landon's and they had a blast playing it. Liz mentioned that she just got paid and they should go buy it. Johnny looked at me with big pleading eyes so as everyone could have predicted I relented and let him tell them. There was a shout of joy and a flurry of activity getting it all set up.
In case you don't know about rock band, it's a video game where you play the drum, guitar and sing with rock songs. The screen gives you words and notes to play and then records how well you do it. It's a very fun game and has promoted family togetherness. I wish they had a beach boys version...
Everyone takes turn - even Dave and I joined in. You can set the difficulty from easy to hard. Liz is the master of the drums - as you can see from the pictures above and below she takes it very seriously.
My favorite part is lounging on the couch watching and listening to the fun.
My apologies to the neighbors for the late night screeching. I highly recommend rock band as a good nintendo game. I foresee some fun adult parties gettin' down with our bad selves.
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Saturday, August 2, 2008

AT&T stinks

I have spent far too much time talking to the "tech" guy at AT&T because our internet service is not working properly. Do you know how frustrating it is when you can't get on the internet? It feels like you're cut off from the world! How do you even look for other providers when you can't google it? I resorted to the 2006 phone book which was no help at all....

So we're looking for a new hook up. In an effort to never have to talk to a tech guy again (haha) I need your help. Who is your provider and how do you like them? Also could you include how much it costs, we currently pay $19.95 for this frustration. While we're at it we might switch our answering service from AT&T - who do you use and how much is it and do you like it? Please leave a response especially if you live in CA. I'm learning that you get many more comments when you offer a drawing and a prize but that will have to wait for another time when there's not a wedding etc. in the near future.

Thank you for your time and attention.