Sunday, August 3, 2008

Rock Band

Johnny 's birthday is this Wednesday. When we were at Target last Thursday getting supplies for his birthday party he mentioned that Brother Oleole told him about the video game Rock Band being on sale. We wandered over to the electronics dept. and there was only one left and it was on sale. Johnny is the youngest and his brothers claim he's spoiled. Not wanting to make liars of my own children I had to purchase Rock Band as a birthday present. It was partially selfish because I had no idea what to buy him and if I had planned to come back later and buy it secretly it might have been sold out plus I would have had to wrap it - it was a big box and I don't enjoy wrapping.

I told Johnny I would buy it for his birthday but he couldn't play with it or tell anyone about it until his birthday. We put the box in the garage and he promised he wouldn't say a word and was so excited, it nearly killed him to stay quiet. Friday night Liz and Jim were over and Liz and Steven were talking about guitar hero. Johnny had borrowed Landon's and they had a blast playing it. Liz mentioned that she just got paid and they should go buy it. Johnny looked at me with big pleading eyes so as everyone could have predicted I relented and let him tell them. There was a shout of joy and a flurry of activity getting it all set up.
In case you don't know about rock band, it's a video game where you play the drum, guitar and sing with rock songs. The screen gives you words and notes to play and then records how well you do it. It's a very fun game and has promoted family togetherness. I wish they had a beach boys version...
Everyone takes turn - even Dave and I joined in. You can set the difficulty from easy to hard. Liz is the master of the drums - as you can see from the pictures above and below she takes it very seriously.
My favorite part is lounging on the couch watching and listening to the fun.
My apologies to the neighbors for the late night screeching. I highly recommend rock band as a good nintendo game. I foresee some fun adult parties gettin' down with our bad selves.
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The Gatchell Crew said...

This thing is totally catching on. I have seen so many posts about this game. I also have so many friends who have one. We have always been video game free, never owned any type of video game. But you know I have heard so many fun great things about this Wii thing, how it really does bring family time togetherness. Also how it really is good exercise... we might have to break down and get one.... the rock band game is hilarious and tons of fun. I have watched, never played it but it's super entertaining...