Saturday, August 30, 2008

Johnny in high school

Here's Johnny on his first morning of high school. He's eating an eggy sandwich (a Hopkins staple - scrambled eggs with cheese between buttered toast). He should not be eating in front of the TV... Seriously does he look like a Freshman?
I drove Johnny to Concord High on Tuesday. I realized I was anxious for him because the other boys (except Jim - the oldest who I didn't worry much about because I had 4 other kids to occupy my time) had a brother at school to watch out for them. Johnny was going in alone. As I stopped to let him out I said my usual, "Have a great day!" Johnny asked, "Do I have to?" I wanted to say, "No you don't have to, let's go home and I'll make some cookies and we can watch movies and read books and you"ll never have to leave..." But I didn't - I just smiled as he opened the car door and started his high school career.

I wanted to park the car and follow him, peering into the window of his class like a wide eyed kindergarten mom to make sure he would be OK, but I didn't. I found myself weeping as I drove away - worried about Johnny and sad that my mom duties, as I've known them for the last 29 years, are swiftly coming to a close.

The first day went well and before I blink we'll be at his graduation. I'm going to soak in the moments until then.
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ELDON and SHELLI said...

You're so darling, Sister Hopkins. I loved the suppressed let's-stay-home-together comment. :) Watching great women like you be mothers is so fun for me ... I appreciate the examples!

Bonnie said...


I feel your pain, girlfriend! You haven't really graduated until he does but like you'll be here in a flash. Enjoy the moments and keep blogging.

SHopkins said...

Helloo!! I just wanted to say it was so fun seeing you and your awesome family during Doug and Cate's special weekend! I love being around you guys. It was a joy to there! Thanks for everything! Hope all is well. I"m sure Johnny would of loved if you told him to stay home and make cookies! haha you're great! anyways, take care! love ya! tell the family hi!!

Cathy said...

Lanette - I love that you were weeping for your Freshman son at the same time I was weeping in my car as I drove away from my youngest on his first day of kindergarten.

The Gatchell Crew said...

It is a saddening moment. I know what you mean. This year I have three kids in three different schools for the first time. This will be the case for the next two years. Emily left to middle school this year & I have only Kyle left in elementary. My panic attacks have already started just thinking about how soon my kids will be away from me. As much as they make me crazy a lot of the time, I am deeply saddened for when the times comes to let them go... Why can't they stay little cute adorable babies forever???