Monday, August 4, 2008

Potato Peels and Plumbing

Steven was so helpful yesterday. He and Matt attend the singles ward and get home a couple of hours before we do - perfect! they can get dinner started so we can eat right when we get home (it was fast Sunday...) Steven peeled the potatoes and put the peels through the garbage disposal. Really bad idea! He forgot that potato peels make a plug in the plumbing. Daves dad told many a tale of having to climb under the house to unclog the plumbing on Christmas morning after potato pancakes. Steven forgot all that. This means a sinkful of sludge, so this morning I undertook the job of cleaning out the plumbing.
The little water jug is our best plumbing device - it has held the pipes in place to keep leakage to a minimum for several years now since the last potato peel incident. It makes cleaning out the pipes pretty easy - just remove the jug and the pipes fall apart!
Above are the contents of the under sink storage area. It's a big area...a good time for me to clean out all the half used jugs of odo-ban, steam carpet cleaner and pots I'll never use again. Notice my cute pink polka dot rubber gloves (to the left) - they made the job a little more bearable. I'm going to Ace to get new piping that will actually stay together and not leak. I believe the word is out - no peeling potatoes in the sink.
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Bonnie said...

bummer! That has happened to us before...even on Christmas! Potatoes have been banned for the pipes here as well!

Sue said...

"Ditto" for me I think the first time was a thanksgiving. It's always when you have company.
Just made me laugh because I know that all my daughters have learned the same lesson.

The Gatchell Crew said...

Ah man, I feel your pain, that stinks! You know growing up we had a rule that pretty much NOTHING went in the garbage disposal. I always told my dad, "Well why do we have one then??!!" He said with a great amount of description, you know anything that goes in that ends up sticking to the pipes, the force that it's going now with the motor going stops right there, as it moves through the pipes it slows down to a crawl. That is why you have build up, that is why you have slow drains, that is why I have to eventually spend $250.00 to have Rotor Rooter come out & un-clog my drains. It was always a big to do, and if they ever found any feminine products, oh man watch out, you don't even want to know the schpeel we would get then, ah good times! But you know to this day, I pretty much don't put anything but crumbs down my garbage disposal... good teaching point dad!!