Monday, August 11, 2008

The joy of sons!

Yesterday was a wonderful day. Johnny was ordained a teacher. Dave ordained him with all the boys in the circle. It was a dream come true. Johnny bore a sweet and simple testimony and almost held back the signature Hopkins tears.

Then Steven was ordained an Elder! Another tender moment when 3 of his brothers stood in the circle as Dave ordained him. Steven bore testimony about his excitement to serve a mission following the good example of his brothers. Honestly for me the day was like heaven with angels singing and light shining all around. My two girls, Liz and Cate were there too. I'd like to bottle up that joy and take it out when I'm down - reviewing this blog will be almost like doing that.

Now the waiting begins....where will Steven go on his mission....I had a dream that he went to Ohio or was it Minnesota?? I can't really remember, wherever he goes it will be just the right place for him. Stay tuned - we should know by Wednesday or Thursday.
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Bonnie said...

The only day to top this will be when you all gather in the sealing room when the last one gets married. I feel your joy~I love your kids. They are the blend of two of my most favorite people on earth.

CA Poppy said...

Well I think he might go to Ft McMurray-that would be so cool. Of course wherever he goes it will be the perfect fit for him and the people he teaches. What a great day that was for you and thanks for sharing,Michelle

Ralphie said...

What a grand day. What tender feelings. What a great family! ~~Barbara

Carmen said...

I love reading your blog now and again. It gives me strength to endure this season of my life when my sons test my nerves and try my patience. I hope I can raise my sons as well as you've obviously done. You're an inspiration.