Saturday, August 16, 2008


I assume we knew that living in the last days would not be easy - the rubber is now meeting the road! This morning Dave and I went out to knock on doors and talk about Prop. 8. For those of you not living in CA you may not know how we are fighting. Prop 8 makes an ammendment to the constitution of CA defining marriage as being between a man and a woman.
The covenants we make are serious - money, time and talents are all being put to good use here in California. This is not easy - we had some interesting discussions this morning, I'm sure it won't be the last time we're called mean and probably something worse... I really appreciate my boys missionary service. We were only out for an hour ~ It was a delight to walk back into the safety and peace of our home.
Who's on the Lords side who? It really comes down to this - happiness in this life is most likely to be found within the bounds the Lord has set. We believe God has ordained the family as the basic unit for time and eternity. That a man and a woman should covenant with each other and with the Lord and raise a family up to obey the commandments. This is not a popular opinion - surprised?? I welcome the opportunity to be persecuted for the Lord's sake. But I would be crazy if I said I enjoyed it!
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The Gatchell Crew said...

So you took some abuse huh? I was supposed to go out with you today. I tried to make it fit... Kyle had his first Kung Fu belt graduation this morning. He was so proud, I am telling you. He was asked to say a few word while Si Fu was putting on his new belt. He said I want to thank my mom for letting me take Kung Fu, Thanks Mom! Yes I was crying... anyways... I will be there next time. I am a little nervous, not bc it is for a cause more important them there are words, but just to take the nastiness that we will surely get from people. YIKES, yes who's on the Lord's side, Who? Me I am just give me the courage Lord. :):) Good Job you two!

Bonnie said...

I love you guys1 You are awesome...tell ya what....We'll take your place next week while you are attending the wedding of your son and his (female) wife! Jackson County are you calling us? I feel a poem or song coming on....!

Ralphie said...

You rock, Lanette! ~~Barbara

Cathy said...

You rock Lanette!