Friday, August 15, 2008

Happy Boy!!

He opened the call and Steven is going to be serving in
Billings Montana
He's very excited and has already asked that packages be sent regularly. This mother's heart is happy that he'll be among good people - I'm sure he'll work hard and be kind of cold in the winter. He reports to the MTC on November 5th. Great times!!!
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Bonnie said...

Very exciting! He'll only have to learn "Cowboy" that will be great. It is just so wonderful that all your men are so willing to serve and go where the Lord needs them the most. Tell him congrats from us! November 5th is aways off but the time will fly by! Love you, Hoppies!

Kim said...

WAY TO GO!! Heading up to the great outdoors. I don't know if you know how to act, but I think Rexburg gave you a little tiny taste. We are so excited for another one of our Hopkins boys to serve The Lord!

We love you and can't wait until November so we can see you before you leave.

CA Poppy said...

Congratulations! Billings,Montana sounds great and Steven will be a great missionary. What a great opportunity.

Monica said...

Congratulations Steven!! You will be awesome.