Sunday, August 24, 2008

Happy Day!!

The wedding day began in a most glorious way! Dave and I bought this 1970 mustang from Daves Aunt Gladys when we were first married. It was a fun car but it died over 20 years ago. Since it died Dave has planned to fix it up. We towed it to the driveway when we built our new home (almost 20 years ago). The tires deflated - the kids played on it, dented the top and broke the back window. The final straw was when the tree fell on it... Dave said the Lord had chosen which car should go - never say prayers are not answered...
Finally Dave came to peace with giving up the old dream of fixing the Mustang - he doesn't have time. I told him his only wedding job was to have the car (and the dead toyota truck) out of the driveway before the wedding. I never really believed it would happen....but a guy came to the door one day last week asking if we wanted to get rid of the truck! Seriously - he took it away! Then when leaving for the wedding Jared came to take away the mustang!!! I did a happy dance right then and there - dreams do come true. I know this was a sacrifice for Dave but the joy of a clean driveway and only working cars parked there makes me so happy!!!
Come on over and see -- I really think the Hopkins are turning a corner -- a clean and tidy corner!
Isn't it a lovely sight? You can park in the driveway when you come to visit! Won't that be fun? Thanks Davey - you're the best - I appreciate your sacrifice.
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CA Poppy said...

Dave, I am going to have a wake for you and the old nag. I am shocked and awed, and i remember you teasing me about moving our old van when Ashley got married. We miss ya'll. Thanks for the manly update on the wedding, not the fru fru girly account. -Alan

ITS GONE!?! i had hpe i could get it...i do have my learners after all -Joseph

dddddduuuuuuuuuuudddddddddeeeeeeee, that mustang's been there 4 as long as I can remember. somehow i'll miss it.-Sam

I think that the yard looks great! I will always remember dropping my bike on that stone path, and playing piano at your house. Such good memories.-Jacob

Looks great Dave and Lanette, thanks for sharing we feel like family.Love,Michelle

SHopkins said...

Helloo!!! I just wanted to say, love your blog..and it was so good to see you other the weekend! I enjoyed the wedding day! IT was so much fun. your boys crack me up!! Anyways, hope all is well! I'll be checking in daily! :) love ya!


Delia said...

I wish I was there to share your joy. Dave, I've always known that you're such a big teddy bear! I love you guys!!!

Bonnie said...

Ah, does anyone have a kid they can lend me that is getting married? My golden opportunity to get rid of our lawn ornament seems to have passed me by. The project car remains an ever present third party to the marriage over here. Way to go Hoppies!