Friday, November 21, 2008

Where do the days go?

I love this picture! These are days never to be forgotten - the day our boys were all together for the first time!
Time goes by so quickly - I love earth life except the part that it passes while we're doing ordinary things and we don't appreciate the magic of the moments. As I get older I spend more time savoring time. My holiday plan is to spend more time looking into peoples eyes, especially my babies. There's no time for worry or handwringing - I have moments to enjoy!
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Bonnie said...

I love this. Isn't it fun to post old photos? I need to do that more. The boys are so easy to recall at this age. Steven is cracking me up! So smiley!

CA Poppy said...

Wow Johnny was a baby when we moved in the ward. You,Connie and Patti were in the relief society ~ remember it like it was yesterday.

Kim said...

Time has flown by--I can't believe that picture was taken 14 years ago, it seems like yesterday. . .now look where they all are.

Sure miss you and love you