Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The last minute

I love the last minute - I'm so good at getting things done with just a little time left. The problem is that I create piles of stuff I don't have time to sort through. There's a bag in the closet that is full of last minute pick ups. I wish I could just toss it but there might be something important in there.
I also am not extremely concerned about having everything perfect. Especially when the family is coming over. They are very forgiving and just want to eat good food and have some fun. It gets a little more stressful when I'm having people over who I think care about having things perfect. My family hates when I invite those people over...

Here's a funny little story. I led a WW meeting this morning and dropped by the store on my way home. I noticed that everyone was so friendly at the store. Making eye contact and smiling. Wow, I thought, the Thanksgiving spirit has really taken hold. Then I realized that I still had my name tag on. The one that says "Lanette - I lost 65 pounds on Weight Watchers in 2006." Geesh it seems a little bragadocious in the aisles of Safeway....

Happy Thanksgiving Eve!
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