Monday, November 17, 2008

Expecting week by week 11

Liz wore a dark shirt to see the bump better. She's having headaches which are miserable but the doctor says it normal.
I keep assuring her that she will feel much better soon. Then she'll get really big and uncomfortable - the things we do for love!
This weeks gift was a CD of lullabys - they nearly put us all to sleep as we previewed it. My favorite is Baby Mine from Dumbo.
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Nels Drue Daily said...

"baby mine" make me cry EVERY time I hear it- I just can't help thinking of mama Jumbo cradling her little boy (I'm crying just thinking about it!!!). Congratulations to Jim and Liz! Liz and I are due at just about the same time, so yay for being preggo! I love reading your posts!-Ashley