Saturday, November 22, 2008

Friends, Crafts, Heaven!

We took a jaunt to Petaluma to a cool vintage craft fair. We found many things we could not live without.
We found beautiful locket bracelets and snowmen on sticks but the best find of the day has to be Norma's crown.
She wore it all day and of course received many compliments. People asked her if it was her birthday or if she was queen of the sea. We said, "no, no she's just our kooky friend". I believe Norma kept a tally of the compliments - what else do you say to a woman with a starfish crown but - I Love It - then you move away slowly... It's always a fun time when Norma's around.
We had lunch overlooking the Petaluma River at Graffiti. It was a great getaway - we feel refreshed and ready for the Christmas season which starts in .... 5 days!!
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Janelle said...

*gasp* I NEED a crown.

Norma is awesome.

Bonnie said...

Such a fun day~thanks for thinking of it!