Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Wedding pictures

Several friends have asked where the wedding pictures are. Here are some from my camera - they are not great but they give you the general idea. When the professional photos come in I'll post them.
The happy parents
The beautiful cake.
Because it was dark these are especially grainy but it shows how utterly happy these two are.
The night was cold but Doug and Cate didn't seem to notice.
They're enjoying wedded bliss.
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Nicole said...

Such cute pictures! It looks like it was a beautiful wedding.

Janelle said...

Hooray, pictures! Where was the reception at? At your house or at that Nature Park? Hmmm... They sure look cute together.

Lanette said...

The reception was in Gilroy. Thanks again all you friends who made the trip! Wouldn't it be fun to use the Nature park for receptions? We tried that for Liz and Jim but no go - not enough parking.