Sunday, September 28, 2008


A few weeks ago my quilt group helped me start Steven's mission quilt. I took it off the frame and put it on a hoop so I could finish it up before he leaves on November 5th. This morning Steven came to me with a sad face saying, "Mom, there are cobwebs on my quilt..." The story of my life is unfinished projects. This is Steven's quilt.
Here is a wedding quilt I started for Liz - they celebrate their 4th anniversary next April...
My friend Maria and I got together every Thursday for a few years. She finished every project we started - me - not so much. Here's one of my favorites that I always wish were finished when a patriotic holiday rolls around. Maria has moved away but whenever I talk to her she asks if I've finished any projects...I have to tell her sadly, no.
Here's a little graveyard of unfinishedness. The frames I want to fill with pictures and arrange on the wall - yet another quilt and the cute "home" hanger. There are many more - probably some of you reading this are waiting patiently for something I've started for you...sorry.
Perhaps this is a weakness I can work on. Hopefully future posts will show projects completed. I really want to do it - I just have a short attention span. So many little time....
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