Friday, September 5, 2008


I'm so happy that we've lived in the same town for 25 years. I was reminded of this last night watching Jim and Matt play softball with their childhood friends. Jim, Mike and Travis have been friends forever. Below is their senior ball picture.

They're not willing to pose for a picture these days but now they're grown wonderful men.

Matt and Justin have been pals since they were born.

Here they are last night - being slightly goofy.

I've loved watching these boys grow into men and I'm so happy that they have settled near home - you're settled right Jim and Liz? At least for now it does a mother's heart good to enjoy watching lifelong friends on the softball field.
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Janelle said...

I certainly enjoy knowing people over long periods of time. I think it was nice for my ward to meet me again as an adult after I was married. Many people remarked how different I was than they perceived me as a child. I've always felt the same. But, I also think my parents know me better now than when I was growing up.

Bonnie said...

It is so amazing how fast they have all grown up, isn't it? Have fun in zion!

Liz said...

That Jim guy is pretty hot!

The Gatchell Crew said...

I do love that you can say they have lived here in the same place all their lives... the challenge that is facing us as we decide should we or shouldn't we make this big move. I am realizing that I think it is going to be harder then I thought about making this decision. You know that only reason, the only reason that I say No is bc of our friendships that have been inplace for so many years. How do you say good bye to those you have loved for a life time??? I am so torn it breaks my heart everytime I think about it.... lots of prayers for sure to help us make this decision. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. :)Marianne

Sue said...

It is pretty amazing. I'm so glad,it is really neat to see them still keeping up those friendships