Friday, September 12, 2008


Here's my front porch bench. It needs some work but I wanted blog my homegrown pumpkins. I love them! These pumpkins tell a story that started way back in March with a few seeds. They have lines where the snails slimed across them, dirt from the backyard and healed placed where the racoons scratched at them. If you look closely at the picture you can see the footballs behind the bench - that's one of my favorite parts of this picture. My porch isn't perfect, it won't be featured in any women's magazine, but it makes me happy!
I got this fun sign at Taipan Trading in Sandy - the security scanning guy at the airport didn't get it - he looked at me and asked, "Pumpkins?" I guess he couldn't understand why anyone would carry a piece of wood that said pumpkins on a plane - he must be single...
Here's another little spot that makes me happy. I like this photo because you can barely see the dust on the counter and the spider webs behind the blinds.
I want little gatherings of things that make me happy all over the house. I think thoughts of the holidays light my creative fire - love it!
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