Thursday, September 25, 2008

99 cent store

I sing the praises of the vegetable section at the 99 cent store, if you live here it's the one by TJMaxx. All this for $9.00!! The brocoflower and mushrooms would have cost that at Safeway (a slight exaggeration...).

Every Thursday Johnny and I head down there to pick up our veggies and fruit. This saves us all kinds of money and keeps lots of fruits and vegetables close at hand. I just love a healthy bargain! The avocados are especially fun - I tried them last week thinking that they're so small it would probably be a waste but the pit is tiny with tons of yummy avocado.
So don't be a snob - check your local 99 cent store and fill your life with fruits and vegetables!
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Bonnie said...

Lanette, speaking of links...the one you have on your sidebar for my blog doesn't work, either..

Loved our meeting!