Wednesday, September 17, 2008

my timer

I love my timer...I can get so much done in 15 minutes. I find that I dread little household chores, imagining that it will take forever to get them done. Amazingly when I turn on my little timer and get to work on an area I usually have time to spare.

Since Homemaking is my number one job and I'm my own boss it's easy to give myself frequent vacations. With my timer I give myself 5 minute breaks every now and then - it's like my reward for a job well done! I really want to be Suzy homemaker but I'm so easily fact I lost my last timer so I couldn't organize myself. The one clipped to my pants in the photo is my new one and voila! I'm back on track! (Dave - if you're reading this, thanks for always overlooking my distracted homemaking style - I plan to iron as many shirts as I can in 15 minutes - love ya!) - oops the timer beeps - my break is over - here I come bathroom!
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Janelle said...

Lanette! I am loving this! I have always motivated myself this way, even when I was in high school I would set timers and give myself breaks while studying. I even planned out my rewards - unfortunately they were normally associated with food.

Bonnie said...

You go, Girl! You are a regular fly lady!

CA Poppy said...

The timer is a great way to go! I'm highly motivated by activities at my house like YW or a visit from Yvette~man do I amaze Myself with what I can get done. A little everyday with a timer seems more intelligent.

Deanna Munoz said...

Lanette, you are amazing!! Your blogs inspire me, and I am going to try harder to be more like you!!! YOU ROCK!!!!