Sunday, June 1, 2008

All My Children

When I was in high school I watched All My Children - the soap opera - every day. I'm not sure how I did this since we didn't have DVR's. Maybe it was on later or something - anyway it was the topic of conversation with my friends.

When I was a young mother I still enjoyed taking a break and catching up with Erika, Pheobe, Adam, Tad and Dixie. At some point I realized this was a big fat waste of time. I was talking about it with my neighbor at the time - an also overwhelmed young mother. She said, "I knew it was time to stop watching soap operas when I started praying for the characters".

I haven't watched soap operas for many years but Friday I had a break at 12:00 so I turned on the TV - I had already seen the DVR'ed episode of "What not to Wear" so I flipped through the guide and there was All My Children.

Honestly nothing has changed in 30 years!! Erika is in prison, Jack is trying to get her out. Adam is trying to mess with everyone. Tad and Dixie are together though it appears Dixie is actually dead and Tad is in a coma but they're happy to be together in the spirit world. Meanwhile it seems that everyone is looking for the daughter of Tad and Dixie whom Tad never knew about because Adam pretended the girl was his from when he was married to Dixie. I assume he had a paternity test done but never told Dixie that the girl was actually Tad's. Everyone is sure that if the long lost daughter talks to Tad he'll come out of his coma.

Seriously it was comical but made for a fun little mindless moment. I think I'll check back in 5 or 10 years to see how everyone is doing. Does anyone know if Pheobe is still with us?


Vanessa said...

When I was little, my mom and I would watch Days of our Lives (I know, probably not the best summertime tv viewing) and the same thing, I turned it on not too long ago and everyone that was on back in 1983, is still around! Weird!

Cathy said...

I'm cracking up!You're hilarious and it's even funnier that the characters are all the same. Junior High-High School was Days of Our Lives. I'm glad I broke that "waste of time" habit a long time ago too!!

Bonnie said...

Lanette, who knew? I use to watch All My Children too! I was totally hooked on it when Jen was a baby 36 years ago. Erica hasn't changed has she? I saw it once a few years ago and I was so surprised at her eternal youth. Ruth Warrick, Phoebe Tyler died I read somewhere. One of our favorites was Opal Gardner...remember her?

What a waste time but I guess it got me through those nursing hours, etc. I was a total elitist about it~I only watched AMC. I was shocked even then by the women who watched soaps all day long. Too funny how our lives are even more intertwined than we thought! I am glad we have both moved on to more uplifting and productive things.