Saturday, June 14, 2008

I love to ride my bicycle!

I do, I love to ride my bicycle! I realize I look goofy with my red helmet and all - but I'm having so much fun riding around. I want to thank whoever had the foresight to plan so many bike paths -
I can get almost anywhere. I told Dave I want to get a trailer so I can go grocery shopping on my bike. I would much rather save the gas money and buy something fun. He got a little exasperated and assured me that we can afford to drive the 2 miles to Costco.... I'm still going to start saving for a trailer...
Another thing I love - Watermelon!

I have lovely childhood memories of watching wonderful world of Disney at my grandparents house - everyone would spit the seed in the potted plant in the corner. Thank goodness for seedless watermelon, now that its in season I try to keep cut up watermelon in the fridge at all times. I could certainly bring watermelon home in my bike trailer!

I love our grape vines!

The grapes are little but very promising with tons of clumps all over the place. They are so delicious and I imagine myself feeding the family even in times of famine with the grapes, at least for the few weeks they're ripe.

My Grandma Foster had a grape arbor along one side of her back yard. There were stepping stones through the middle of the vines - it was a great place to go on a hot summer day.

I'm going to notice and enjoy all the great things summer has to offer. Oh I almost forgot - I really love my electricity bill since our air conditioning has been out. The replacement will be installed next week but I'm becoming such a granola/earth mamma that I might leave it off. I love saving money - it means I can buy some new shoes...

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The Gatchell Crew said...

I think you look fabulously adorable on your bike with your helmet. We took my bike into be be fixed, I can't wait. I want to be like you in the way you love being healthy. I want to want to ride all over the place. I hope one day to always choose the healthy choice... one day. For now I will be inspired by you my dear friend!!! Oh & I also need a trailer so I can cart my little Emma around with me. I need to have no reasons to not go out & ride. :) Mare :):)

Steven said...

Mom i am proud that you are trying to save money but I don't see the air conditioning staying off for very long but good luck try. I miss watermelon nothings in season but potatoes here.

Delia said...

And when I think there's nothing else you can do to inspire you are! You're my HERO!

By the way, you can be all that "granola-earth mama" just don't give up the anti-perspirant!(LO)