Sunday, June 8, 2008

How does your garden grow?

My grandpa would be so proud of me. He was a master gardener and summer at grandma and grandpas always included fruit and vegetables from the garden.
We'll have apples and squash,
beans and tomatoes and the grape vines are loaded. I'm thinking that if we all plant fruit trees and vegetables we'll have enough to feed everyone in the neighborhood at least for the summer because I'm not a canning person - I'm more a buy a case of canned goods from Costco kind of girl.
Mildensteins invited us over to pick cherries from their trees. We enjoyed eating them for two weeks, not to mention how cute they looked on the table.

I'm hoping I can keep up the garden watering because the cinderella pumpkins vines are looking really good.

It's such a miracle that great food comes from little tiny seeds. By the way the munched on tomato plants are thriving! I didn't even put out slug bait - you might think I'm all about growing organic with no pesticides of any kind but the truth is I just didn't get my lazy self down to the store to buy it - so far I guess the snails have moved on to greener pastures!
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Nicole said...

That looks awesome!! We did a garden a couple of summers ago and we loved it all summer. I don't think my kids have ever eaten their veggies as well. I'm jealous!!

Bonnie said...

Everything is looking great, Lanette! Michelle would be proud too! We can't keep anything growing as we share the yard with the deer.

The Gatchell Crew said...

Gardening, I suck at that. I wish I could do it, maybe when we get to my parents place with all that big huge back yard that is untamed ( YIKES HOW SAD ) we can start one. I know my dad was looking foward to doing that someday. We will have to make it a goal! Yours look great, I might have to be a taster to your grapes & tomatos!