Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Time passes

How does time pass so quickly? Nothing really exciting is going on - just regular life. I'm amazed at the bloggers who write almost daily and are so creative and funny. They take the most normal happenings and turn them into big time fun. We all have our talents and I don't think that's one of mine but I'm giving it my best shot. Maybe someday a great-great grandchild will stumble across this and find it mildly interesting. Doesn't it slow things down a bit to have a record of the days? That's why blogs are so fabulous!

I know pictures are important for an interesting blog. Videos are even better - we took a video of Dave and Johnny doing a "skit" at the ward party but I have no idea how to "upload" it so until I figure that out here are a few random photos to spice up this entry.

This is us at the A's game - I took many pictures, all of which have Steven drinking from his giant A's cup - he thought that was so funny and well, it kind of is - that's just Steven - he's funny. Hey Steven you should start a blog!!
Here's is what remains of our beautiful 500 year old Oak Tree - it was a most beautiful tree and I love it but two of it's gigantic limbs have fallen and we're just waiting for this last one to fall. Seriously I just don't have the heart to have it removed - I'm going to cry my eyes out when that day comes. My fear that it will fall on a person moves me to have it removed - then I'll write a whole blog - Ode to an Oak.
This is actually an ancestor of ours. Proof positive that we're related to the three stooges. Sorry great, great, great, grandfather - I wish I knew more about your life - too bad you didn't have a blog to record how time passes.
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Bonnie said...

Love the blogging you do, Lanette, it is all good. I will truly miss your big tree, it was such a center piece to your home and property. I am mourning with you on this one! Boohoo!

Steven said...

Mother you've inspired me to create a blog. It is You should check it out.

Steven said...

my blog is actually

coconutgoddess said...

hello dear friend! hope all is well... the Cabreras will be blowing into town next week! (with out me sadly... someone needs to work! lol) but I will be coming out the first of July.
It was great having Matt over for dinner back at conference time.
Can't wait to see you soon.