Friday, June 6, 2008

Johnny in high school???

Our district does not allow a graduation ceremony for middle school so the awards assembly was the closest thing to it. Here's Johnny with his scholarship award. I cannot believe he is going to be in high school!!
When he was in pre-school we had a son in every school - Steven in elementary, Matt in middle school, Doug in high school and Jim in college. How in the world did we do that?? And how in the world did time go so fast??? It seems like yesterday...
We're so proud of John and know he'll do well in high school even if I have to become a raving maniac to make it happen! Another last time goes into the record books - farewell El Dorado middle school.
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Bonnie said...

This is practically inconceivable! Amazing how times passes by for us all! i realized not long ago it has been 14 years since Chris served his mission....not possible!

Sue said...

Do you think he'll be John in High School?

Steven said...

Speaking of raving lunatic no one knows that better than I do when you said I'll come to your class if you get bad grades I didn't believe it. Boy was I Wrong.

Cathy said...

What??? Johnny in High School? I'm blown away and I see him practically every week. I just always imagine him in elementary school - not even middle school.


He's so great!!