Monday, June 16, 2008

Father's Day

Johnny does it again! A culinary masterpiece for father's day breakfast -

He created a crabby face as a fathers day joke - he's creating the face so you get the idea - scrambled egg mouth, fork nose, english muffin eyes, kielbasa eyebrows and fruit hair - fabulous!
Dave's not a fan of breakfast in bed - he prefers breakfast on the deck! What a wonderful father - 29 years of raising boys - it's a wonderful life!
Jim and Liz gave Dave a kite for Father's day - they had fun flying it in the park on a perfect breezy afternoon. A happy family portrait. We were happy to have our best friends Lisa and Olivia visiting too.

Thanks Davey for being such a good dad and kind and loving hubby - I love you...
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Vanessa said...

Holy Cow! Is that Shane's twin or what? Looks yummy!

Kim said...

Yes Vanessa

The Hopkins genes have come through on these two. Yes--that is Shane's brother from another mother. You should look at a previous post back in April when we had the two of them together. Amazing--they are 4 years apart and the resemblance is amazing. Lanette and I can not wait till they are both older to see if their change looks.

Only time will tell.

Bonnie said...

Lanette ,it looks like you have a budding artist there! Happy belated Father's Day to one of the best. Love the family photo...Kate and Doug look a little distracted. So cute! Is that Olivia Osborne? Amazingly grown up, if so! And so pretty!