Sunday, July 12, 2009

Growing up Hopkins Week 8

Life with twins - exhausting!
Mac has learned to chill.
Holly is a little disgusted with J.D.'s constant spitting up!
This is a little blurry (thanks to my beginner photo skills) but it is so cute - I couldn't resist.
I'm off to girl's camp and I'm not sure I can survive a week without seeing these adorable faces!!
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Nancy said...

They are sooooo cute! They look like they have the funnest personalities already!

Bonnie said...

They are changing so quickly! Wow, I hope I get to meet them before they go to school! So hugable!

Caroline Craven said...

Hey Lanette,
Those babies look like they belong in the Hopkins family for sure. Hope you survive girls camp. I'll be picking up Johnny on Sat. morning.

Caroline Craven said...

Cute little babies. Holly's expression cracks me up. Hey, we just had a very short visit with Doug. He was in and out in a flash. Would have loved to visit longer, but he made his escape when I got the door for Kyle's aunt & uncle. He didn't bring his wife with him, it would have been good to meet her again. I'm not sure we will make it up to Rexburg while you are there. Nicki has informed us that she probably does not need us to help her get her stuff packed and home.