Monday, July 6, 2009

Growing up Hopkins - the blessing day edition

What a beautiful day we had yesterday. It was a dream come to true to hear Jimmy bless his babies. Tears and sniffles all around.
Here are the dad, grandpas and uncles who stood in the circle - lots of love and great examples - Steven, our missionary boy was the only one missing, we thought about a cardboard cutout but decided against it.
Here's the whole gang - lots of family - lots of love.
When Megan (our niece photographer) called for a shot of the grandparents I walked away....Oh that's me!!
These little angel babies have made us all so happy!!
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Kim said...

What a great Day!

The Gatchell Crew said...

Super great photos. What a wonderful day Lanette. You a grandma, no one would ever think it. You look amazingly wonderful & happy!! :)Nothing better then being a Grandma!!!