Friday, December 19, 2008

Johnny's concert

Here's the tuxedo -
Here's the kids at the concert. We miss Steven, hopefully he hasn't frozen into a popcycle...
Johnny did a great job - he looked all grown up there on the stage. After the concert Doug wanted It's It's (if you don't know what these are - an "it's it" is ice cream between two oatmeal cookies, covered with chocolate). He told me, "After you go to bed dad will give me money and I'll go get some." Well they didn't even wait until I was in bed. Doug mentioned it - Dave pulled out his wallet and the rest is history. That Dougy really knows his daddy. Great memories!
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Connie said...

I'm sorry we didn't see you at the concert--especially since you had your whole group in tow! We had to dash out the door because Torrey had an appointment....and so goes my life. :)

Johnny did a great job and looked absolutely adorable! I still can't believe he's in High School. I clearly remember the first time I saw him as a NEWBORN!!!!