Friday, December 19, 2008


A favorite Christmas tradition is come along caroling. We go caroling and then invite the families to come with us - picking up as we go. Then back to our house for cinnamon rolls and hot cocoa. Some families who usually come along have moved away and some were sick so it ended up being the Capsons and us.
Our families are shrinking but we had fun.
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CA Poppy said...

Thanks again for another treasured memory.Were decorating gingerbread this morning and I'll be thinking of you.Twelve years of wonderful carolling and gingerbread houses with your family.Love,Michelle.

CA Poppy said...

I miss the gingerbread house...we had good times, like one year my mom insisted on us saving it, then the ants got to it! So as a result the year after she just set Sam and I loose on it as soon as it came home, that was probably the best year for gingerbread, it also rusulted in the most candy on the house! And caroling, here it is too cold to go caroling, for some reason the -31 doesn't seem appelaing. then After we went back to your house for hot chocolate, and i always thought that outside was cold! _Joe Simpson