Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Long years ago I attended a mini-class at Relief Society about hair cutting. Little did I know what it would lead to.
I have cut Dave and the boys hair forever. Who knows how much money we have saved. They often whine that I didn't do it just right. I was never good at flat tops when they were in style and there have been times when a buzz has cleaned up a trial of a new do. Occasionally they'll decide to go to a barber but find the style is about the same and they have less money so mom is a good backup. (sorry for the random hair in the razor case - I wonder who it belonged to??)
I don't sweep up hair - I cut - they sweep. I don't have a before on Matt - This is another after - handsome boy!

I don't know why he's holding a football but that will have to be a future post - What's the number one rule? No balls in the house... I wonder who wins this, one mom or 6 boys??
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Bonnie said...

I think I must have taken that same class as I have cut hair forever too. I even use to do all the missionaries. Whoa they were trusting souls! Matt is looking more and more like Dave all the time.

Doug said...

I have told Cate that when we come home we are going to have you give a crash course on how to cut my hair. According to how comfortable she feels doing it we will have to buy our own clippers. it's just too much for a hair cut these days. Besides it just hair. I'm no John Edwards.