Saturday, December 27, 2008

Happy Birthday Dave!!

Dave was born the day after Christmas. The most repeated birthday phrase of his childhood was, "This is for Christmas and your birthday!"
Dave doesn't really like birthday parties much. I planned a surprise party for his 40th birthday - he was not pleased - he was relaxing in grungy, unshoweredness and here come all his friends. His request, No more surprise parties please.
So yesterday it was Dave's choice - whatever he wanted to do, we did. So we got in the shiny silver mustang and drove to the coast. His plan - drive till there's a half tank of gas and then drive back.
It was a beautiful day on the Mendocino coast. We went to Bodega Bay and on up to Fort Ross. This is a very cool place with a Russian Fort - we even saw a Russian Orthodox priest!
Johnny was not thrilled to join us but another day of video games was out of the question for him so he came along. Being the baby is a little lonely but he made the best of it.
We love to visit the coast - since we grew up in Half Moon Bay/Pacifica these pictures feel like home.
After a day of driving it was out to a birthday dinner/meat fest at Back Forty BBQ.
Posted by PicasaHow I love this guy. Life just keeps getting better.


CA Poppy said...

That's cool that Dave is a 'boxing day' baby. Happy birthday Dave! love the Simpsons.

Bonnie said...

Happy belated Birthday, David! I agree with him on the birthday party surprises! Yikes!