Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Catch-up

Here are some of my favorite things about Christmas. Our friend luncheon - Kelly and I have had the same 10 friends over for a Christmas lunch for over 20 years. Some have moved away but these 10 have been together for all that time.
Note Normas crown - she is my diva friend! Below is the annual gingerbread decorating party. What fun having everyone home (except Steven who's freezing in Montana but loving missionary work).
This year I taught Marianne and Krissy how to make rolls. Sadly they're moving away (maybe not Marianne - please stay...). They're now expert zombie bakers.
One of our favorite traditions is the annual reading of the Cajun Night before Christmas with Santa in Muscrat fur with gators pulling the sleigh.
How did the month go so fast. I've loved every minute of it but it all seems to have taken a toll as I've lost my voice and can't tell where to find it....hopefully it will come back soon. Every month should be filled with friends, family and fun.
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Janelle said...

Oh to have at least 10 friends stay in one place for 10 years. Why does everyone I love desert me?

I'll be back walking when school starts. We were sickly at the W's for a while.

And cheese zombies?!? Yum. Double Yum.