Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Two Words - Girls camp

This occupies my waking hours (some of which are in the middle of the night) so you won't hear much from me for the next couple of weeks. After camp comes serious dress shopping for the wedding. Sadly there were no dresses in Utah with sleeves....honestly I even looked for patterns and remained uninspired. I've been assured that eggplant will be a big color for fall. The new lines should start appearing next week - Perfect! The saga continues...I've included some fabulous pictures of Doug and Cate from their engagement shoot because a blog is not a blog without pictures!

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CA Poppy said...

You will be fabulous at camp!!! The photos of Doug and Cate are beautiful-the look very happy. So eggplant is the color for the wedding? How about a wraparound dress, That is a great style on you or a "Tahari" suit? Well not to worry til after camp. Love, Michelle

Janelle said...

Lanette, I found you! Hi its Janelle. Have fun at girls camp. I'm excited for the post you mentioned on Cheryl's blog, and I agree at some point we have to step out and say what needs to be said. Did you see the article in the CC Times citicizing Pres. Monson and the defence of Marriage act? Ugh.