Saturday, July 26, 2008

On wisdom teeth and tongues

Here are the promised pictures. Steven was born with a bound tongue. We decided since he was having his wisdom teeth removed it would be a good time to have his tongue clipped. It will make it easier for him to speak, roll R's (in case of a spanish speaking mission) and keep him from "speaking with forked tongue".


Cheeks before

and After

Though he's even a little more swollen today he's done pretty well with the process. Now the mission papers can be submitted!
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CA Poppy said...

Great Dr. Taylor teeth! You gotta protect your investment. Steven looks like he is going to heal quickly. Keep us posted on the mission papers. Love,Michelle

Bonnie said...

3 days up and 3 days down for the swelling. He looks great, I have seen MUCH worse for swelling over the years. Way to Go Steven!