Monday, July 28, 2008

Not so fast with the speedy recovery

As you can see from the pictures, the wisdom tooth thing did not go well for Steven. We had to go back to the oral surgeon Saturday night when his pain became unbearable. Dry sockets have left him low. We learned to irrigate (yuck!!) and treat the sockets with clove oil and things are getting better.
Hopefully he'll be back to his chipper self soon. He pulled himself out of bed to go to sacrament meeting yesterday. When he walked in Jim was there in the foyer to greet him with "You look horrible!" Poor Stevey - better now than in some foreign country. Actually I had a dream that Steven went to Ohio for his mission. He's excited to get those papers in and receive his call.
Last night he was up to playing cards and beat us all soundly and stayed "king" for the night. We were all happy to lose so Steven could feel better.
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Bonnie said...

I was afraid he'd get them. So glad he came home for the surgery. Are they packing the sockets with the clove medicated gauze strips? They really help. Poor guy! He'll be better soon. He is the perfect prototype for the dry sockets. I bet his teeth were horizontally impacted. Young, male, football player build. I have seen it many times!

Lanette said...

He's much better today - He's not using the gauze strips - it's a gel made from clove oil. I'm so glad we had the surgery here.

CA Poppy said...

Poor Steven, I hope he's feeling better and good for him that he went to church. When Amy had her wisdom teeth out I insisted that she go to youth conference 2 days later-I would not do that again.