Thursday, February 7, 2008

Treasures left behind

When the boys were packing for college I instructed them, "Please have your room completely clean before you go. Anything you don't want goes in a bag for DI. If you want to keep it but don't need it at school, pack up a box with your name on it and put it on a shelf in the garage." Seems reasonable don't you think? I finished my lecture with: "Anything that's left I will be throwing in the garbage because I'll assume that you don't want it." It was a fabulous plan! Well it's time to magically change one of the rooms into my sewing room. The bedroom, of course, was not left completely clean - far from it - but true to my plan I was going to throw everything away. Below are a few of the things I found while purging:

When Summer comes they're going to need these:

What mother could throw these away?

There will be luau's - we'll need a shirt!

From the rice fields in the Philippines...

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Now tell me how am I supposed to throw away these treasures? This could be an illness and I may need intervention. Can't those people from clean house just come over and take it all away? If I never see it I won't miss it...or will doesn't matter because I have seen it and I would miss it so I have to find a spot for it. Every few years my parents give me a box of my junk that they just couldn't throw away. Things I didn't know I couldn't live without. The circle of life continues.


Bon's Blog by Design said...

I am so proud of you! Great job!

Matt said...

Hey mom...about some of that stuff, i couldn't find a receptical to put it anything on top of the filing cabinet or inside the drawers of my desk, i still would like. And the golf clubs. Those are important. In fact can you bring them up when you come to rexburg? Thanks!

Cathy said...

I have 2 medium costume boxes. Once they are full, that's it. If we get another costume, something has to come out of the box for the new one to go in. Hope that helps.