Sunday, February 3, 2008

New Healthy Life Blog

I've started my Healthy Life Blog - Jimmy set it up for me months ago and I'm finally jumping in. The new blog will be all about health and fitness with my blogbabblings and food ideas. Feel free to comment and contribute your food finds. I'm going to try to update it regularly - I hope you like it!
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Deanna Munoz said...

YOU ARE AMAZING!! That is ALL I have to say!!! YOU ROCK...ok that too! LOL!!

Christie said...

Somehow I randomly surfed into your blog, and can I just compliment you on how I am impressed with your fitness and weight loss. Those before and after pics are amazing! (and I'm sure you're somewhat local since you talked about DI) I've recently lost a lot of weight and started running for fitness as well, so I think you are amazing!

Lanette said...

I just love blogging - a new and random friend! Christie congrats on your weight loss - be sure to check out my Healthy life blog. If you want to send your before and after pictures you can help inspire others to fitness! p.s. I'm new to blogging so I have no idea how to contact you other than here so hopefully you'll check back!