Monday, June 28, 2010


JD you are such a wonderful little boy. You are so smart and kind.
You probably won't like these pictures of you in your sun hat - you are all boy. Your best quality is that you are so kind. You defer to Holly - if you have a toy and she grabs it you just move on to something else. You love to play on the keyboard and pushing buttons is your favorite thing. You figured out how to make the jack in the box open by pulling the little latch - so brilliant!
You've been taking a few steps for awhile and look so cute toddling around. You are always exploring, finding new things. You love cheese puffs and strawberries. I love it when you throw a ball to me. It's going to be fun watching you play ball when you get a little older.
You have such a tender heart. If you hear a baby cry you get upset and cry in sympathy. When you're upset your binky makes it all better.
My favorite thing is rocking with you on the front porch. Life with you is so much fun JD.
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